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ATV & Utility Vehicles
ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) is the general term used to describe a vehicle which has been designed
specifically for off-road use. This includes quad bikes, Land Rovers, Argo-Cats etc.
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Quad bikes are the sit-astride four wheel bikes with handlebars. The farming community tends to call them ATVs, whist the forestry calls them ATCs (All Terrain Cycles). The more common term used by leisure users is the term Quad Bike.

ATV's are high speed off-road vehicles, designed to be used on steep slopes and in difficult terrain . There is of course danger involved with such an activity. However, when used properly and within the limits of both the rider and the machine, the ATV is as safe as any other mode of transport and also very fun. In order to improve the safety of ATVs.
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Some people are unsure where you are allowed to use ATV's, and the answer is that you can ride your ATV on any private land with the permission of the land owner. Quad bikes are designed for off-road use only.

They have special low pressure tyres which are not road legal. Most bikes have a fixed back axle, which makes them unsuitable for cornering on hard surfaces. The factory supplied lighting kits do not conform with the Road Traffic Act.
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